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Statement from Deacon Board

December 7, 2014

Since Pastor Fent informed us of his resignation at the November board meeting, we have met several times. Our focus has been to seek God’s direction for what the next step should be for Praise Assembly.

Shortly after Pastor Fent’s announcement, we felt it was God’s leading for us to schedule an interview with Pastor Alan. We asked him several questions, some of which were quite blunt. We were answered honestly, with some additional discussion often occurring. Likewise, he had questions for us, some of which required us to give considerable thought to our answers. It was a very productive interview.

As part of this overall process we sought the counsel of Brother Don Miller, our district superintendent, who was very helpful. He gave us valuable insight into the pros and cons of various possible actions, while making clear to us that his purpose was to provide information, not to influence our decision. The Board appreciated his input.

One of the topics the Board discussed early in the process was whether to give consideration to other candidates. After interviewing Pastor Alan, we felt that opening a search was not the direction God would have us to go. Most of us on the Board have known Alan for many years, some of us the entire time he has been associated with Praise. We have seen his commitment to the church in almost every area, from mowing the grass to ably filling the pulpit. After praying privately and together, we believe that God’s direction for Praise Assembly is for Pastor Alan to be our next senior pastor. We also asked for Pastor Fent’s input, and he is in total agreement with our direction.

With a unanimous vote, your Board would like to present Pastor Alan to the membership for a vote as the next senior pastor of Praise Assembly. Therefore, we will have a special business meeting Tuesday, December 30, at 6:30 p.m., with the only agenda item being the vote. Only members can vote, and you must have been a member for at least 90 days to be eligible to vote. If a member absolutely cannot attend, absentee ballots will be available through the church office.

This meeting will not be a question-and-answer time; however, we do realize that even though the congregation knows him, there may be questions you would like to ask. Pastor Alan will be preaching Sunday, December 28; so a link will be set up in the next few days on our website where you can submit questions for him to consider before December 28. He has agreed to answer as many of those as possible (not individually, but on the 28th as part of his message), and to share his heart with us that day. You do not have to be a member of Praise to submit a question. Written questions may be submitted to him or to any board member if you do not want to email your question.

Pastor Alan has also created a website that provides a good overview of his life, his family, his history here at Praise, and his perspective. It is and a link to it will be provided on the church website in the next few days. This statement from the Board will also be on the church website shortly. We ask that over the next few weeks that you fast as you are able, and agree together with us in prayer that God’s will is done for Praise Assembly.

Ask Your Questions

Please use this form to submit your questions for Alan and the Board in preparation for the December 30 vote.

Pastoral Transition

Sadly, Pastor Fent announced at the close of service on December 7 that to follow God’s direction for his life and ministry, his final Sunday as senior pastor would be December 21. As a church family, we all find it hard to say goodbye to one of our own who has led this congregation for many years, but at the same time, we trust God’s will and look forward to what He has in store for us. 

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