Praise Assembly, Springfield MO

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Emergency Message


Are You Ready for Some Football?

It’s football season, and that means the Monday Night Football in the Barn is back!

Project 120

Project 120, our campus improvement campaign, is underway!  There are tasks available for every skill level (even many for the whole family to do together) and every one requires less than two hours of your time to complete. Sign up in the Lobby to be part!

Good Morning Thursdays! Ladies’ Weekly Morning Devotional

Ladies, looking for a refreshing time of devotion and some great physical exercise? Good Morning Thursdays is for you!

Special Business Meeting, December 30, 2014

On December 30th, the membership voted to elect Alan Beauchamp as the fifteenth Pastor of Praise Assembly.

The following is a statement delivered to those in attendance immediately following the election:

Before we go any further (wherever you read this statement) please take a moment to thank God for His direction.  The Lord has spoken through the vote of this membership concerning the future direction of Praise Assembly.  He deserves all of the glory for that clear direction.

If you took the time to go and read my online resumé, you know that Elizabeth and I live and breathe Praise Assembly. God has blessed Praise with an incredible congregation full of amazing people.  Because of this, we are certain that God has great things in store for us and that His plans to use Praise Assembly in our community and around the world stretch far into the future.

For those of you who are not members and were unable to have a say in this election, whether you would have voted in the affirmative or the negative, please, consider becoming a member.  There is much to come, much work to be done, many decisions to be made, and I would prefer that you not be a spectator for it.

Based on many of the questions I received, some of you may be hoping for immediate, major changes.  Please bear with me as I get my feet underneath me and take stock of where things stand.  Now is not the time for haste.  Now is the time for prayerful consideration and seeking the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

As I said on Sunday, I believe the time has come for us to be fiercely intentional about fulfilling our purpose.  I believe at Praise Assembly we will declare the glory of Our Great God BY ALL MEANS.

Thank you again for your confidence in us and willingness to follow the leading of the Lord.


By All Means – Pastor Alan’s Message – December 28, 2014

Because of the timing, many were unable to hear Pastor Alan’s pre-vote message because of the holidays.  If you were unable to be present, please take the time to listen to it here!

By All Means     

Here is the manuscript for the message: By All Means Manuscript

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